Release Subconscious Limiting

Beliefs & Behaviors

That Block You From Moving

Forward In Life


Clear Mind Coaching


Embodied Processing

Besides face-to-face sessions, I offer Zoom
or Google Meet sessions & work with
clients all over the world so they can
start to release their truamas that
self sabotage to finally have
happiness & success

Would You Like To Discover…

  • How To Stay More Calm And Collected During The “Storm” Of Life And not Only Come Out Alive but Thrive?

  • Why We Self Sabotage Ourselves Without Even Realising It. 

  • Discover and Uncover The Hidden Traumas and Self Sabbotage Patters we all have?

  • What To Do When You Keep Telling Yourself “Something Is Wrong With Me.

  • What To Do When You Feel A Lack Of Clarity In Your Life and Purpose.

  • Why So Many People Struggle and  Fail And How To Turn It Around. 

  • Why You Procrastinate, self-sabotage and suffer from self-doubt?

  • How To Stop Listening To Your Inner Voice When It Tells You “I’m not good/smart/capable, worthy enough?”

  • How To overcome Fear of Failure, Rejection, Being Judged, Lack of Confidence & suffer from ‘Not Enoughness?’

  • Why You Argue with yourself and those you love around you? 

Together we will...

  1. Create A Crystal Clear Vision of how your ideal life will be
  2. Uncover hidden Challenges that are eluding you from the deep connection you seek
  3. Feel Renewed, Re-energised and Inspired to have more meaningful life without the headaches and arguments.

Clear Mind Coaching and Embodied Processing is a deliberate process utilizing focused conversations to create an environment that is safe and ripe for individual growth, purposeful action, and sustained improvement. Its designed to help you focus on what you need to do more and less of in either or all domains of your life. This takes you to the next level of your inner game, the Body, Emotions, Mind, and your outer game of Environment, Relationships and Ideas. 

We are all unique with different needs, wants and desires. I tailor every session to address each client’s particular issue or challenge so they get the insights on how to move forward so they can have healthier and long lasting, meaningful life.