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About Me

My name is Aron Gross and I’m a life coach specializing in somatic healing practices. From a young age, I struggled with self-worth and confidence issues stemming from humiliating experiences in school. Despite my challenges, I persevered and found my calling in Jewish education, developing successful programs for students with learning difficulties.

Through this work, I discovered the transformative power of mindset and resilience. I was deeply inspired by one remarkable student, Benji, whose unstoppable positive attitude and ability to try again after every mistake taught me that our inner psychological grounding is the key to success and not necessarily academic prowess.

Applying these insights to my own life through coaching, I was able to rewire my thinking, release subconscious blocks, and turn my life around from the inside out. My relationships, self-confidence, and overall well-being flourished.

Today, I integrate somatic techniques with my clear mind life coaching to help clients create meaningful, lasting change. Whether you’re struggling with relationships, self-sabotaging habits, or limiting beliefs, or past traumas, I can guide you to develop the mindset, resilience and communication skills for personal growth and success. I have done this with so many people over the years and maybe if you’re reading this it’s now your turn too.   

Besides the many years of training and study, my approach is rooted in timeless wisdom from my parents: “You can learn to like what you may not love” and “Never give up.” When you shift your perception, everything can change. I’ll empower you to reinvent yourself, find your inner teacher, and manifest the life you envision.

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