Clear Mind Coach


I am here to do…

The BIG work as a certified Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and trained in Somatic Healingnal Therapy.

The real, scary, fun exciting and deep stuff that will change your relationships and life forever.

To take you to places you never knew existed or thought possible.

To hold you to a higher standard…because you deserve it.

I serve people who care to serve others; influencers, change-makers, innovators.

You’re transformation is the reason I wake up.

I listen very carefully and I don’t make promises, I create breakthroughs.

I hack beliefs and build new realities…but only if you’re willing to do the work.

I say the things no one else will say. I am not your “yes man”.

I show up and play full out.

I see all of you and trust you have the answers.

I have faith in you even if there are times you don’t.

I serve powerfully with love, honesty, insight, inspiration and passion.

That’s my pledge to you. 

Beyond past hurt lies limitless potential. Release the burdens of trauma and rediscover your core essence. Achieve your goals, exceed expectations, and cultivate peaceful, resilient relationships through a powerful transformation. Ready to unleash your “superpower”?

What to Expect 

Here is what happens in a coaching session. We will get on a call, I will ask you some questions and help target and identify the objectives you have. We will see if you have any blocks standing in your way. And then we will put together an action plan for the action steps. And by the way, you actually have a lot of the answers yourself already.

We go through a process and a set of tools I use that help us focus, make some tough decisions, and figure some things out like what we should do first, and what is the thing that has the highest likelihood of getting you the results you want.

We have all been blessed with Super Powers. My super power is getting you to find and use your’s to change the world for the better. These are not obvious to people and I’m the one that can help you identify it. One thing about our superpower is that we assume that other people can do the same thing we do, so we are kind of blind to our own superpower. I didn’t know at the time, that everyone else couldn’t do, what was so easy for me!

In fact, helping people identify their unique gifts is my greatest joy! I find it extremely fulfilling to support them in overcoming subconscious traumas that might be holding them back. If you’re interested in discovering your “super power” by confronting these traumas, ultimately improving your relationships and your life, I would be honored to guide you through this impactful journey.