Clear Mind Coach

Listen to your personal, fascinating unique voice

When was the last time you listened to yourself in a deep way? We’re always listening to the advice of others. However, when was the last time you listened to the advice of yourself? Now I’m not saying that you shouldn’t listen to other people; that’s not the case at all. But what I am […]

The art of life is actually letting go to be free

Have you ever found yourself holding on real tight to things? It can often be very pressuring and frustrating as well as restrictive. Experiment I want you to do an experiment with me right now. Take a pen and hold onto it tightly to the point that it can even feel a bit painful as […]

You’re life is upside down and you are blissfully worry free?

How to stay sane when life is upside down and you're getting all stress and traumatized

They say that there are a few things guaranteed in life; Death and Taxes. But they didn’t warn me about the rain damage! Our residence suffered a lot of rain damage together with the other people in our surrounding neighborhood. Musical Chairs with beds and furniture!The insurance has come through and we are in the […]

How to stop the tears and build a great relationship

  Do you ever find that you argue with your partner or friends to the point of tears? Well, I would do that too in my earlier years before learning the principles behind a clear mind. The Separate Realities we all live in We all live in our own understanding of what we see and hence […]