Clear Mind Coach

Learn how to transform the broken pieces we all have in our lives from time to time and discover the magical masterpiece that exists within you, me, and everyone around you.

Have you ever found yourself truly broken inside and just felt the injustice, the unfairness of it all? Find out how to take those broken pieces and reinvent yourself into the masterpiece of art you truly are.

Discover the three steps needed in order to take the negative experience and use it to turn your life around.

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All those hard things were placed there for you to get stronger. And that’s it.

Anything you pour hate on just grows. If you hate taking out the garbage, guess what? Taking out the garbage becomes a monster. Why? Because you applied hate to it. So change your words and thoughts, and then you’ll change your experience of any garbage that arises in your life.

“I hate bringing that topic up with my spouse.” Well, with that attitude, you will definitely make that conversation more difficult.

In the gym, all those heavy weights are the path to getting stronger. All those heavy things you’re dealing with are either going to break you or make you stronger. So again, honor the struggle.

When you want to transform your struggles into learning opportunities, ask yourself the following 5 questions and make sure you answer them. And get creative while answering them:

What is great about this problem?

What is not perfect yet?

What am I willing to do to make it the way I want it?

What am I willing to no longer do in order to make it the way I want it?

How can I enjoy the process while taking the necessary actions to make it the way I want it?