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Respect but don’t always take it personally

respect but don't take it personally

Respect but don’t always take it personally. Being respectful without always taking things personally has become part of my nature as a byproduct of not taking my thinking on most things too seriously. It doesn’t mean Life and people are a joke. It certainly doesn’t mean life is a big joke and that I don’t […]

No one upsets me except me

  No one upsets me except me is a meme I came up with  when I was working with one of my clients.  At first, it may sound a bit weird but it really is true.  I just watched my own video on this post which I found very useful because I just fell into […]

Freedom from the Prison of our thoughts

We create our own prison bars through the restricting thoughts we have about life. Even animals do as well.  When Elephants are very young they are roughhoused through play wrestling with their masters.  Because they are very small when this is done, they remember this throughout their lives to such an extent that even when […]

I have no ‘To Be’ list

No needfor a to do list but rather a to be list

To Be, To Do, or maybe both? I have no To Be list because the BEING comes from staying present with our inner core of who we truly are which is… — Aron (@_arongross_) August 4, 2015 I always use To Do lists.  They’re great because it makes sure I take care of the many details […]