Clear Mind Coach


We often talk about the principles without actually telling you what they are.

They are the Spiritual, Psychological Principles of Mind Consciousness and Thought.  

Mind – is the intelligence of all things or the formless energy behind life.  Its an energy that’s in everything, it’s coursing through us.  We are part of that energy and immersed in it.  Some people might call it life force or spirit.  Its really just a formless intelligence that we are all connected to.  This intelligence is behind our ability to think and to be aware of reality.  Its also the source of Wisdom and understanding.

Consciousness – is the ability to experience reality.  We have consciousness where we’re all conscious of some reality.  If we’re unconscious we’re not conscious of any reality.  Consciousness is just the awareness of external world around us.  How we are aware of that reality or how it looks to us is really a function of the third principle of Thought.

Thought – Thought as a principle defines the nature of thought.  Its different in the content because everyone is different in their content.  Five people could be in the same room at the same event and have totally different experiences of that event or that situation.  It will be different from the people around them depending on how they’re judging it or how they’re interpreting it or how they’re taking it.

We can all go to a party and then come back and compare notes and then someone will ask, “were we at the same party?”  They would have a totally different experiences.  This could be with a movie or anything.

Thought is the fabric or paintbrush of our reality.  Thought is where we use our G-d given ability to think and produce how things look to us at any moment.  This is just a neutral fact like gravity or electricity.  Its not good or bad.  We can’t escape that because we are doing it all the time whether we realize it or not.

One person could create a negative experience and another a positive one from the same circumstances.  Two people can always experience the same situation uniquely because it’s their thoughts that determine their experience, not the event.  What happens when people realise this, is that they don’t have to try to change their thinking.  It’s not a matter of positive thinking or transforming negative thoughts to positive thoughts  if you’re in a low mood trying to think positive. You don’t have to do any of that.  All is what you have to do is realise the principle of thought is creating your reality.  As soon as you have that realisation or go back to that basic understanding, you’re thoughts will start to shift towards the positive and you’ll start to see things from a clearer healthier vantage point that we call mental health or innate mental health.  What that is, is wisdom, mental clarity, common sense, insight, all those words mean the same thing.

Natural self correction
Innate wisdom which is our birthright is always inside us.  And its always trying to come out on its own.  They can easily make a wise decision once they realise what thought is.  You don’t have to do a whole lot of rituals or study for years or go back in the past to realise why you picked up all these insecure thoughts.  All is what you have to do is realise what thought is and what it does.  As soon as you do this, your mind self corrects.    Your mind is always trying to return to a healthy state just like your body’s immune system is trying to a help your body get back to health.  As a child I remember when I had a cut on my arm, and if I didn’t think too much about and just went about my daily acitivies and then looked at it a couple of days later and it healed all by itself without my interference.  And then I thought, “how did that happen?”  This is because both the body and the mind have a natural tendency to go back to their healthy set point.  So just sit back and don’t take life so seriously and see things with a little more humor and humility.  Our default natural set point is to move back to innate health or wisdom and then we see how it is impersonal.

If you want this understanding further crystalized, then I suggest watching my video on the explanation of the principles.  It will not only help you in your journey to greater peace and harmony in your life, but it will hopefully get you calm and more centered right now as you watch it.  I loved making this video and I got really quiet and calm inside after I made it and for some reason it has the same calming affect on me every time I watch it again.