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Often we beat up on ourselves and with some it could be to the point of suicide.  But when we realize that by the mere fact that you exist, you count, you’re special and have something unique and valuable to contribute to other, life starts really becoming more meaningful and enjoyable.  Most of all, its worth staying alive and living.
Suicide can often happen because of a feeling of self worth.  Imagine what it would be like to know that you are really worth something.  I’m not talking about monetary worth although money is a great thing when used properly and can make our life easier.  But at the end of the day what are we really here for?  Is it just for money?  I don’t think so.  Its to help make the world a better place both for yourself and for others.
This video shows you how to to go about that with some help from the Three Principles by Sydney Banks.  Often when we just step back and slow down we become open to seeing something new.  The hidden and Divine intelligence behind life is always communicating with us.  We often however just have to much noise that’s getting in the  way. But when we just quiet down a little bit, enough to hear the inner call of our own inner voice that’s behind the noise, behind our extraneous and ruminating thoughts, we become a vessel to receive something new.
Getting quiet can take all shapes of forms from meditation to just sitting and looking at a cute little baby.  And sometimes when you do this, you get some clues to problems and some greater appreciation of who we all are.  I hope you enjoy this video below which is a further elaboration of what I’ve discussed here.

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