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The first big change that occurred when I learned the principles behind a clear mind    One of the first things that changed for me in my relationships when I learned this understanding was a deep connection within myself followed by a deep connection with those around me. It happened when I recognized the humanness within myself followed by seeing the humanness and innocence in others. People are trying to do the best with the limited thinking they have in the moment.

Ironically, I did less to achieve more
One would think that you have to really work hard to invest in relationships but ironically, when I so to speak, stopped trying so hard, for some reason, it became easier.

Human to Human soul connection
Often when talking to people, we get very disconnected from them because we overly identify with our own ideas of how things should work. But I always ask, what would happen if we just dropped our over attachments to what WE believe is absolutely right in OUR opinion and stayed open to curiosity from other person’s point of view. Human to human as decent human beings rather than MY opinion versus yours.

The romantic dance of connection
In order to help clients have their own insights on their own issues, I strive to listen to them without my own personal agendas. I’m am totally there for them and that is when I notice in this state of Soul to Soul connection that the magic really happens. Either I will see something or they will when we move into this meditative dance of connection that almost temporarily transcends time and space.

Even if we don’t see anything straight away, that deep space is so healing and so comforting that my client will walk away with the integration of that new feeling and I usually tell them to relax for a while after, to allow that ‘soak time’ from our session to help further integrate this new unexplainable shift happening inside them.

Hanging out in a beautiful space wirelessly 
It’s a beautiful place to hang out in. And my clients usually walk away feeling hopeful and uplifted with some new insights or hope about their issues. It’s funny because even though they are the ones having the insights, I walk away feeling as though it’s our insight. I walk away feeling that their success is my success. The reality is that we are all interconnected even though I can’t see any wires 🙂

Are you looking for fresh perspective on your old issues?
If you’re looking for some fresh new perspective to your old ‘stale’ problems, then I suggest giving me a call for a FREE test run on moving into this space for yourself. It doesn’t mean that you’re going to stay in this state all the time, but what it does do is help you move into a place within yourself where you access the deeper more loving and understanding where you can find your own insights. Click on this link to book in for a free session now. FREE transformative conversation session

I know some of you have taken the FREE transformative conversation with me and you might now be ready for the full blown 6-month package to move into real long lasting peace and well being together with new fresh insights into your own burning issues. If this is you then please email me with an ‘I’m ready’ in the subject line and I’ll get back to you with the details.

From there you’ll learn how to access this on your own without my help. We dip in and out of this understanding which is why we dip in and out of this space of peace and tranquility. I usually work with clients over a 6 month period for the full blown package where we are not in a rush and have more time for these insights to occur. This also allows them to develop this ‘inner awareness muscle’ for themselves.

The Guru is in you, not me
The answers you seek are in you and not in me. I’m just a pointer for you to look within. And that happens with every human being. We always want to look for the next shiny object that will make us ‘happy.’ Shiny objects can be fun. But they don’t last. The good feeling within you may come and go but the good news is it will come again and you can revel in it with the right state of mind more often and longer than any shiny object will last.

Coming back to connectivity                                                                                                                 So, when you want to connect with another, it happens when you’re in a curious state of humility knowing that you don’t know. Even though you may have preconceived ideas of the other, you are willing to drop them and move into curiosity and wonderment to learn more about them without judgment. When we are prepared to do this more often the world will change.

From one extreme of disconnect to total connectivity – TED Talk                                             I’m leaving you with an amazing video of Megan Phelps-Roper. She, (one of the children of the Westboro Baptist Church leaders) was doing a TED Talk in the power of listening to people we don’t agree with, I was very curious indeed. This video shows how you can move from blind animosity to a totally new understanding of people you originally thought will burn in Hell. This video fills me with hope in a world where there is much division.

So, make sure you’re ready for deep connection and if you want to take me up on that FREE offer of having a taste of it please book in for a 15-minute call to experience for yourself on what it means to go into a state of deep connection with yourselves and others. Click on this link now to book in FREE transformative conversation session And if you’re ready for the full blown 6-month life transformation package hit we with an email with ‘I’m ready’ in the subject line and I’ll get back to you with the details.


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