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Happiness for no reason
I’ll never forget what happened a short while after learning the principles behind a clear mind; It was an early morning around December 2014 and I was sitting in my office all alone and getting things ready on my computer for my work day and then all of a sudden, I just felt this rush of happiness flood me for no reason what so ever.

At first, I wasn’t sure why this happened. I know that I was completing my studies with my coach on the principles behind a clear mind at the time and I suspected it was because of this that I was feeling a little euphoric at the time.

Being hit with a rush of Joy
But what really happened was that my mind was free from all the previous mental clutter I used to hang on to and I became open to being present in the moment. The irony of it all was that I was just literally sitting and doing nothing that morning and just enjoying sitting in my office on my chair when I was hit with this rush of joy.

Appreciation of beauty around me                                                                                                     I’m elated to say that this has not been a one-time occurrence.  It now happens frequently when I can just go for a walk and enjoy the trees in front of me and appreciate the Divine creations whose beauty I witness every time I go outside into nature.
Simple things in life become so appreciated                                                                                  The most simplest of things like breathing and even blowing bubbles, (I haven’t done that in a long time), become so joyful. Although I know I could do with an extra hour of sleep each morning when I have to wake up, I am so thankful, (although sleepy at times :-)), that I’ve been given another day to live and hopefully touch someone and make a difference in their lives.
What are we here for?                                                                                                                            I’m so lucky that I can write this email to you and if it touches you, just tickles your Soul in some way, then I’m, elated at being able to help another human being, otherwise what are we here for?

I call this being present to the moment.  I can only be here for you and this moment when I fully here without the extra worrisome thoughts that many of us carry in in this load called life.  But life doesn’t have to be a load, it can be a joy, depending on what we fill up our minds with.

I’m not prescribing what you should think                                                                                       Now I’m not telling you what to think.  I’m just telling you the fact that you do think. If you don’t get caught up in the content of your thoughts, just realize that it’s all just made up moment to moment and then you’ll lighten your mental load and find happiness which is always sitting there in your Soul.  It’s just bursting to come out if your willing to see beyond the mental clutter that we create with our own monkey minds when we get caught up in this illusion called thought.

No hard work needed, just an understanding of how life works                                              The sun is always behind the clouds of negativity and it will eventually break through without any effort on your part. There is no hard work needed here except for an understanding of how life works via your thought. The deeper you understand the nature of thought and the more of an embodied it becomes in your life, the more freedom and happiness you’ll experience.

Happiness is not acquired because it’s already in you                                                         Remember, this happiness is not something you’ll acquire from reading more books, it’s something you notice that gently and quietly comes to the surface when you look in the direction of within rather than without.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this post.  It means so much to me to touch the heart and soul of another human being.  It’s a two-way street here – you get uplifted and I am fulfilling my mission to lift up another human being, one soul at a time. And then hopefully you’ll go out and do the same with other people you meet too.

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