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Healing Your Nervous System: The Key to Overcoming Trauma

Healing your nervous system through somatic therapy healing exercises

We all experience trauma in our lives, whether a single overwhelming event or ongoing stressful situations like discrimination, poverty, or emotional neglect. These experiences get imprinted into our nervous systems, even if our conscious minds don’t fully remember them.

The signs that unresolved trauma is dysregulating your nervous system include feeling on edge, struggling with emotions, feeling overwhelmed or shutting down, snapping easily, and having trouble focusing or making decisions. If any of those resonate with you, it could mean your nervous system needs some care.

The good news is that you have the power to heal and rewire your nervous system. When you do, you’ll experience steadiness, clarity, and the ability to let more love into your life in a whole new way. Just like repairing damaged wiring in a home restores the flow of energy, healing your nervous system allows your vital energy to flow freely again.

The secret lies in activating and regulating your vagus nerve, which connects to every major organ and can switch you between the fight-or-flight sympathetic state and the calming parasympathetic state. Simple techniques like singing, cold showers, hand-on-heart affirmations, and moderate exercise can all activate your vagus nerve.

As you engage in these exercises, you’ll start to notice when you get triggered and can consciously work to self-regulate through those practices. You’ll also gain insights into how past traumas may be the root cause of current triggers, though you don’t need to know the full origin story to start healing.

While the process is profound, the rewards are life-changing: Steadiness, presence, resilience, and an expanded capacity for joy, love, and your full potential. You’ll handle life’s inevitable stresses with more ease. These tools are so powerful, they’re worth sharing with loved ones too.

By prioritizing your nervous system health and engaging in simple, accessible exercises to regulate it, you can flip the switch from surviving to thriving. You’ll experience the magic of living an empowered, joyful life in harmony with your mind, body and spirit. The journey awaits!

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