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How do you get a clear mind?

It’s not something you actively do, it’s something that happens generally speaking in one of two ways:

1. In a flash moment or
2. By cultivating your inside-out understanding of how life works.

Flash Moments

Flash moments happen to us as human beings all the time.  This is what Sydney Banks calls insights – a sight from within.  This can happen at any time when the Mind quiets down from its extraneous thoughts.

When the heavy thinking settles down and you’re just meandering doing anything like driving or the ironing with nothing ‘heavy’ on your mind, you become open for something new, a sight from within. When this light bulb flash moment comes on, it usually feels very nice because you’re having this flash of insight that you haven’t seen before.

One of my early light bulb moments

When I was a computer programmer many moons ago, I would sometimes come home without being able to solve the problem of why the program wouldn’t run properly and then in the middle of my sleep I’d wake up with this light bulb moment on how to solve it. Then the next day I go to work, I confidently know exactly where to put in the flag and the period and, boom, it works!  It’s just so thrilling because I was so aggravated before with heavy thinking that was stopping me from seeing the new perspective I was looking for.

My Son gets his first light bulb moment

In 2013 after learning this new understanding when my son lost his glasses he gives me a call and tells me he can’t find them.  I told him to just do nothing and call me back in two hours.  Half an hour later he sends me a WhatApp message saying that he found them.  It often happens when you’re not specifically doing anything.  The light bulb mysteriously just comes on and you solve your problem without any effort at all!

Cultivate your understanding of how life works

The other way to get a clear mind is by cultivating this understanding. The deeper you understand the inside-out nature of life, that life happens from within rather than without, the more solid and confidently you can handle what life throws at you because you know it’s always your thinking in the moment that is creating your experience from the inside-out.

Going down with grace and inner confidence that this too will pass and you’ll be okay

And even when you fall into the outside-in misunderstanding that something other than thought is causing my distress, you usually catch yourself in this trap more often and you recover from that stress much more quickly and gracefully.  And even when you’re down you’re much more graceful about it because you know that this too shall pass.

We all fall into this misunderstanding.  It’s just part of the game and challenge of being a human being.  Welcome to the human race.  And part of the game is to see how you fall in and out of this misunderstanding and after a while life doesn’t get to you as much as it did before this misunderstanding.  And you find yourself more often feeling happy and grateful just because you’re alive.

Look in the right direction to get clear

The more you look in the direction of Mind, the quicker you’ll recover from your own thought generated illusions that we can all wallow in from time to time.

If you’d like to see the video on this to further consolidate your understanding click on the video link here.  And please let me know in the comments any questions or feelings you have about this. I would love to hear from you.


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