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At this time of the year, we often look back with many thoughts on our mind. Here’s how it often works with an untrained mind.

I have a problem.
I think about a solution.
It eludes me.
So I think harder and harder about a solution.
The problem becomes bigger and bigger, the solution seems farther away, and I become exhausted. Sounds familiar?

I don’t know about you, but I find that the harder I think, the more my head spins endlessly like the washing machine that never ended its rinse cycle.  I inevitably grasp at straws, while innocently believing that my efforts of thinking harder are going to bring results…eventually.  And that’s the lie many of us live.

It doesn’t work this way. Beneath all of the “problem” thinking we fixate on is a space from which all of our answers lie.

A solution is not a direct result of the thinking process. It is a gift the comes as a flash of insight from within deep inside the spark that is always shining within us.

Is it possible that instead of thinking harder with all the ego effort I could muster, the effort is in understanding? Understanding is another way of saying that we just gently allow answers to reveal themselves from a deeper source via insight without heavy thought.

Our problems would feel quite different if they weren’t accompanied by the stress of having to find a solution.

What if solutions arise at the exact perfect moment I need them, and all I need to “do” is notice them? Then I’ll have what I need to know how to proceed to make better decisions to solve my problems and eureka, I’m free!

If you haven’t yet watched the video please do so as it will further consolidate on what you have read in this post.  Click on the picture below and it will take you to the video.

Wishing you all well over the Holidays with a clear mind to enable you to make those seemingly difficult decisions with greater ease.

To enhance your understanding of problem solving, watch  the video below.



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