To Be, To Do, or maybe both?

No need for a todo list







I always use To Do lists.  They’re great because it makes sure I take care of the many details that we all need to take care of in our lives.  But there is a trend to also write out ‘To Be’ lists.  When however, you have the understanding of the three principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought, there is no need to strive to be, because you already are.

You have all the potential in you already!  And it’s not something you need to do or put up on a To Be list.  We already have the kindness, we already have love, we already have creativity and all the other wonderful things in potential there already.  We can uncover them when we are  aware of who we truly are.  Click on the icon below this image to see what I’m speaking about.  And always remember, you are so much more than what you realize.