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Beating ourselves up
It’s so common for us to beat ourselves up over just about everything.I certainly did as a kid growing up and even in adulthood too.

As a result of that ‘beating’, I used to think that:
I Need to change.
I need to be made better.
I am faulty and broken.
I am not whole.

Oh boy, what a mess! As a result of all these false beliefs, I was a real underperformer in all areas of life. And when I learned these principles behind a clear mind, life just got so much better with such a load taken off me when I discovered the truth of who I really am.

The big discovery:
I am not worth-less.
I don’t need to change.
I don’t need to be made better.
I am not broken.
I am whole complete, perfect and loved by this Divine intelligence behind life.

Good News!
And the good news is that it’s not just me, it’s you too! We all have this innate capacity to find the answers to life within. It’s amazing what I did with one client I was coaching him for his Health and fitness business decisions. When working with him today, it was almost like going into this zen-like meditation space that we were both in while discussing his issues and hanging out in this beautiful space of no judgment together. It’s what I call being in a state of pure consciousness. There are no criticisms, no put downs, or my Ego versus yours. It’s like taking a walk in the park together and just literally hanging out while we see what comes up for the both of us as we both listen to our innate wisdom within.

The natural unscrambling that takes place when moving into clarity
If I thought either he or I was broken, it would have been much harder to come to some clarity that he needed on his business decisions today. The beauty of hanging out in this space is that when I listen from this deep space of compassion and care with no judgments, my client seems to unscramble themselves as we together get more clarity on the situation.

This happens when the discussion is predicated on the fact that we both have this spark of innate health and common sense as we both explored in a loving, non-threatening way the options that he had in front of him and the best path to take. It’s not me telling him what he must do with a bunch of steps, rather us discovering the answers that unfold from our innate wisdom, from this oneness within.

I’m always listening for the feeling behind my client’s words because they tell so much that goes beyond the spoken word and creates a deep connection which makes us both ripe for insights on seeing new things and possibilities that can be used to solve real live problems.

Seeing the innate beauty of who you really are
If you want to move into this space like myself and my client did today, there is nothing to do but to look within and be open to the beauty and innate health you really are. When you tune into the good feelings within yourself you’ll begin to see who you really are.

We believe that what we think and what we see around us, including our physical selves, is actually who we are. That is where I was before I came across these principles. I thought that all of my life circumstances, all the choices I made, all the traumatic stressful thinking I had, I thought that was all me. And I used to beat myself up over and over and over again.

So, what I am trying to communicate with you is that it didn’t matter at all what I thought about myself, what I had designed as the Aron who would walk around in this world, it didn’t matter at all because it wasn’t connected to anything real. It was just a thought created version of Aron. I would find it hard to just sit with the stressful thinking and let it move on by itself. I used to feel I had to do something to make me feel better and would engage in bad habits that I knew were destructive to me.

Just allow the beautiful system to work as it was designed to work
I didn’t understand that if I just allow my beautiful system to work as it was designed to work, that it would bring me back to the feeling that is always there because it always is there even when it doesn’t look like it is.

The Truth with a capital T of who you are is unaffected by the thoughts you have
So even if you wake up next morning and see yourself having a litany of flaws, in many ways that doesn’t matter at all because it doesn’t change the fact, it doesn’t change the Truth with a capital T which is that no matter what thoughts we have about anything in life, it doesn’t affect who we really are.

My circumstances of where I find myself have nothing to do with the truth of who I really am
When I saw that for myself, it was as if I had shed a skin that I had been wearing for a long time, as if it was itchy and I realized that my personal thinking was immaterial, it had nothing to do with me. Not only that, the events that I experienced in my life had nothing to do with me either. The circumstances which I’m currently living have nothing to do with me. +

You are not defined by your weight, how much money you have, where you live, what work you do or what you eat
How much you weigh, how much money you have, what kind of work you do, where you live, what you eat, none of that has anything to do with who you really are.

Your amazing life is there for the taking if you want it
Once you tune into this, you will see that beauty within yourself and then shed your own skin that holds you back from moving forward with your amazing life that is there for the taking if you’re willing to open your eyes and see it.

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