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The roller coaster of life
Welcome to the roller coaster called life! If you can breathe and you can read this, then most probably your a human being just like me who has their ups and downs. Congratulations on being part of the human race! You can’t do anything about it so you might as well embrace it and make the best of it.

The roller coaster of life is something that is unavoidable. We’re all going to have our ups and downs, our highs and lows, our challenges and our celebrations. Off course we only want to have the good times without the bad, but that’s not the way life works.

Ride those dips with more grace
We always pray and hope it doesn’t happen to us, but it nevertheless does. The good news is that you can always ride those dips in life with much more resilience than you might be aware of. It doesn’t mean you don’t cry and you don’t suffer. That can actually be healthy if it’s not excessive. When our friend is in trouble we should also cry with them.

The recovery
The beauty of this understanding is that you can recover much more quickly than you realize when you understand that you can’t control what happens out there but you can be aware of the fact that you think and have an experience. And it’s always your choice on how you’ll think and hence react to it. That is really your safety net for sanity and coming home to peace and tranquility after dealing with any tragedy or difficulty.

The criticism of my wife when I learned the principles behind a clear mind
My wife’s biggest frustration when I first gained this clarity was that I never get upset! Nothing unnerves me. And she wanted me to be frustrated with her. It’s almost not fair! Why am I so resilient?

So I had to console her by telling her that I still get down, I’m still a human being and I do get upset from time to time. If I didn’t get upset I wouldn’t be normal. But the point is this; rather than fight the upset or try to change my mood, I embrace it – that is key.

I’m still okay when it’s not okay
When going through that ‘dip’ in life and we all do, just knowing that I’m still okay even when ‘it’s’ not okay out there, is the key to sailing through those ‘rough waves’ with more grace and ease. It doesn’t mean it’s pleasant but I find that my recovery is so much faster today. And that’s why my wife thinks I never get upset and nothing drags me down because my recovery was so quick that to get it looks like I never get upset.

We all go through stuff
Whether you like it or not, we all have stuff that comes up from time to time. The difference between us is not that I have a greater capacity to sail through it than you, rather it is on how tuned in I am to the deeper side of myself that knows that this too will pass. That is what I believe makes my recovery so much faster.

You can’t choose when to go down but you can choose how to think about it
The roller coaster of life will always go up and down and so will you. The difference is whether you’ll go up and down gracefully or dreadfully. For me, the downs are now more graceful and not as long and the highs are just so beautiful and higher than ever. Your experience of it is based on what you think moment to moment.

I know you have this in you too
I invite you to look within for that sacrosanct space that’s in me and in you and in all of us to see if what I’m saying resonates with you. If you’ve read thus far then it probably will resonate for you too.

Watch the video below to further consolidate this important issue

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