Clear Mind Coach

Mistakes don’t define you they refine you

The pain of the past Mistakes are only carried through time via a thought Mistakes can often paralyze us in moving forward with our lives but it doesn’t have to be that way when we realize that the pain of the past mistakes is only carried through time into my present experience via a thought. […]


INTIMACY – Into me see – To connect with another person, you really need to be able to see into me, and I have to be able to see into you. You have to look into where they are and focus completely on them, putting your own personal agendas on the side. Seeing DeeplyWhat does […]

The Great race where we fall into the comparison trap

The Great Race where we fall into the comparison trap We often get caught up in the great race where we  fall into this comparison trap when we weigh up and compare ourselves to others. But what would happen to our performance if we didn’t get so caught up in always trying to win? Competition […]

How to get a clear Mind

  How do you get a clear mind? It’s not something you actively do, it’s something that happens generally speaking in one of two ways: 1. In a flash moment or 2. By cultivating your inside-out understanding of how life works. Flash Moments Flash moments happen to us as human beings all the time.  This […]