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No one has the right to make you feel worthless. Not even you.

Beating ourselves up It’s so common for us to beat ourselves up over just about everything.I certainly did as a kid growing up and even in adulthood too. As a result of that ‘beating’, I used to think that: I Need to change. I need to be made better. I am faulty and broken. I am […]

Happiness is like a Boomerang

Happiness is like a Boomerang If you know anything about Australia besides our Koalas and Kangaroos which I have hardly ever seen except for when I go to the Zoo, you might also know about another fixture of Australiana, and that’s our Boomerang! When you throw them, they come back or at least that’s what they’re […]

There are some things that can’t be understood by the head and only by the heart

      Listen for a feeling There are things that work great when listening without our rational analytical mind. And that’s really useful and important. But when communicating effectively with people we need to be willing to listen beyond the words. Syd Banks would always say, “don’t listen to my words, listen for a […]

The roller coaster of life, love and all relationships

The roller coaster of life Welcome to the roller coaster called life! If you can breathe and you can read this, then most probably your a human being just like me who has their ups and downs. Congratulations on being part of the human race! You can’t do anything about it so you might as well […]