Clear Mind Coach

Deep connections with those around us

The first big change that occurred when I learned the principles behind a clear mind    One of the first things that changed for me in my relationships when I learned this understanding was a deep connection within myself followed by a deep connection with those around me. It happened when I recognized the humanness […]

The Paradox of Results

The Paradox of Results The paradox of results is that the less attached you are to the outcome, the higher the chance you have of fulfilling on it. And that’s at the heart of why the less the results matter to you, the easier it is to create them and why understanding the principles behind […]

Even If you don’t forgive it is still possible to find peace and happpiness

Happiness without forgiveness I know it sounds unusual, but you can find happiness even when you don’t always forgive. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you should never forgive but there are certain cases where even if you’re not prepared to forgive you can still find freedom and happiness. Just because someone […]

Falling into the misunderstanding of where feelings come from

If we fall into the misunderstanding that our agitated feelings are caused by other people, then we’re more likely to experience resentment, hostility and have other relationship problems. Today I sit in awe when I see this happen because it’s one of the world’s greatest and believable lies we all fall in and out of all the […]

When you let go you let in

  It’s just a bunch of thoughts When we realize that all we are holding onto in our mind is just a bunch of thoughts, it becomes much easier to let go of them. When this happens, we become a receptacle for the new and the fresh. Endless possibilities arise when you let go of the […]